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It’s about the system that works effectively for you.

We are trying to make growing a business a whole lot easier, quicker, less stressful and more fun - for millions of people who run them every day.

Hi, I am Sohan Nanda, If we are getting formal, I am the founder of

Business Infra.

This is my Tribe.

I don’t know how you came here.

But if you are here. It means there are serious problems in your business that needs to be solved immediately.

Your arrival is long overdue.

Now, You are here

Let’s not beat the bush

You are here, on this website, reading these pretty words because you are hungry to grow your business.

Listen Growing a business is hard.

Especially when you are doing a lot of trial and error.

By ‘hoping & praying’

Trying to figure it out by yourself for the very first time.

I call this “guesswork”

You are reading this right now because some way or other, your business is not where you want it to be.

Even though you have put in a backbreaking amount of effort.

Or maybe you are already flying… and you simply want more.

More security.

More money.

More freedom.

More time with your family.

Whatever it is for you…..

Let me put this question for you.

What if you could remove the guesswork.

and end this nightmare

What if you had a proven roadmap to get exactly where you wanna go?

Well, that’s the exact reason I created Business Infra.

To solve this problem.

You see, everything is done at Business Infra is designed with a ruthless focus on results.

We are not interested in sitting around drinking herbal tea and discussing how many impressions or views we got.

We want you to succeed

So you can take care of your loved ones.

So we can look good and get more clients.

So we can take care of our loved ones.

And it’s our way of making a difference in this crazy world.

That means that every single strategy and technique we deploy works.

Because we have tested it again and again in our business.

Anyways, if that isn’t enough to ‘move’ you.

Nothing will know this…..

If you keep doing what you are doing then you are going to get what you are getting.

End of story



Rituraj Behera, Software Developer

Sohan is a smart and creative individual with solid experience in social media marketing. I collaborated with him for a strategy call and he provided practical insights on the best industry implementations to scale up your business. I highly recommend Sohan and would love to work with him again

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